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 Run the Operating Cadence from Your Sales Managers' Calendar WATCH RECORDING

Reimagine your Sales Management Cadence

CT Connect helps CROs run the operating cadence based on where sales managers spend time

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Trusted by Sales Leadership Teams

The market-leading Sales Management Intelligence platform

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Insights into where  managers spend time

Set the operating pace for high performance management

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Design a digital sales management cadence

Connect goals with where and how to spend time

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Run directly from the managers' calendar

Monitor and adjust based on events and time with sellers that yield impact

What is Sales Management Intelligence

A data-driven approach to understand where  managers spend their time to influence sales team health

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Why now

Data has transformed digital selling and digital management is next

Manager playbook must evolve for a new virtual operating environment

Make the shift from growth at all costs to operational excellence

“By 2026, 65% of B2B sales organizations will transition from intuition-based to data-driven decision making, using technology that unites workflows, data and analytics.”
- Gartner

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“I didn’t realize how much variability there was in our operating cadence and the impact to rep productivity until I could see where managers were spending time.  With CT Connect, we tied operating goals to where and how we believe managers should spend time and best of all, can monitor and adjust to make continuous improvements.”

— Richard Henderson, Chief Sales Officer at HigherLogic

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Power your Sales Management Cadence

Guide how frontline managers should spend their time, on what activities, with which personnel, and at what frequency to engineer to defined business results.

How CT Connect Works

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Connect data sources

Google or Microsoft calendar
Sales team hierarchy
Rep tenure
Rep performance

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Gain insight on time spent

1:1s, Team meetings, Co-selling
Internal meetings
By seller cohort
With individual sellers

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Monitor and adjust

Operating cadence events
Manager benchmarks
Seller alerts
Goal setting

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“The single most important resource that we allocate from one day to the next is our own time.”

Andy Grove
Former CEO of Intel & author of High Output Management
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Set the operating pace for high performance management

Uncover new insights to create operating efficiencies
  • See how high-performing managers spend their time
  • Track manager and seller engagement
  • Visualize your operating cadence with data

Connect goals with where and how to spend time

Turn frontline managers into your competitive advantage
  • Develop digital manager playbook
  • Coach frontline managers to improve execution
  • Shift manager activity to meet new goals
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Run directly from the manager's calendar

A single source of truth for running your operating cadence
  • Track 1:1s, team meetings, co-selling and more
  • See which internal events consume time without team
  • Influence time spent with new hires and at-risk reps

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Start by understanding where sales managers spend time