Move the middle and shift the performance curve with a progressive sales curriculum

The CommercialTribe Upskilling Process

Market dynamics require that segments of your sales team strengthen and develop new capabilities.

Gap Analysis

Current State

Tenured reps can have a wide varying understanding of the right skills, messages, and behaviors in their selling versus your expectations, making it hard to identify problems or ensure consistency.

Future State

To set a baseline understanding of learning gaps, CommercialTribe activities ask questions by segment to test assumptions, qualify gaps, and use the results as a foundation for a curriculum.


Send out a video-based question to identify which reps can articulate a response, identifying who needs training the most and how to best engage.

CommercialTribe Sales Skills Gap Analysis

Understand how well reps know sales material

Pre-Work and Field Delivery

Current State

Moving the middle often means launching a sales kickoff or starting a new training course each quarter - an expensive effort with questionable impact on learning.

Future State

Targeted activities help leaders understand who has prepared for training and offers the field a low-risk way to start absorbing new concepts.

Watch & Respond

Segmented reps watch the right video-based informational content, and then respond back with their critical thinking and understanding.


Send out a video-based question to identify which reps can articulate a response, identifying who needs training the most and how to best engage.

Field Adoption

Current State

Even after training, ensuring alignment and consistency is a challenge, with research suggesting that reps forget 90% of what they have learned within a month.

Future State

Visibility and accountability on training reinforcement is clear and consistent, with managers able to measure adoption and impact.


Create activities that reps practice and then submit for formal review and coaching from managers.

Upskill the Team with CommercialTribe

"CommercialTribe is a transformational tool that continues to help us scale behavioral change across our organization. To date, we've seen a 13% improvement in our lead conversion rate which has increased the number of Opportunities in our pipeline and improved our bottom line. CommercialTribe gives us insight into what our most successful reps are doing, and allows us to transfer that knowledge to the entire sales team when we need it."

Sean Murray, VP, General Business Sales, Xactly

Positive Growth Across the Team

Increase Win Rate

Shift the sales performance curve

Shift the Performance Curve

Improve Cross-sell Ratio

Select Companies Driving Upskilling with CommercialTribe

LinkedIn and CommercialTribe
YP and CommercialTribe
Bluewolf and CommercialTribe
OneCall Care Management and CommercialTribe

See how CommercialTribe can shift your entire team's performance curve.

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