CommercialTribe—More Than Just A Pitch Certification Platform


CommercialTribe is a SaaS Sales Team Development Platform—Developed by Salespeople for Salespeople.

After decades of working his way up the ranks of some of the most well-regarded sales organizations, CommercialTribe’s CEO and founder, Paul Ironside, realized that something wasn’t right in the industry. As a sales leader, Paul had access to all the data one would need to analyze sales activity, forecasts, pipeline metrics, cost of sales, goal attainment, etc. But he lacked the ability to actually observe his sellers and managers in action consistently. Without efficient observational capabilities, sales leaders around the world were restricted to viewing their world from the vantage point of lagging indicators. They were only able to see that something was wrong after their team missed their goal or after their top performers quit. This reality was simply unacceptable.

Paul began searching for a tool that would provide him with the ability to observe his sales team in action and empower sales managers and leaders to coach and develop individuals based on their specific needs. While his search for what he needed came up empty, the idea continued to fester and grow. Finally, he realized what he had to do. He had to create it himself.

From Paul’s vision came CommercialTribe. Born as a practice platform for sales reps, CommercialTribe has matured into so much more. As we partnered with some of the most progressive sales organizations in the world, such as LinkedIn, HubSpot, nVidia, Pure Storage, and more, the insights that our customers provide have helped shape the CommercialTribe of today—and continue to do so in the future.

CommercialTribe is no longer simply a practice and pitch certification platform. It is an environment that empowers the entire sales organization—from sellers and their managers to sales operations and enablement—CommercialTribe has become a platform that aligns the entire sales organization to increase productivity and improve performance.

From onboarding to launching a new product, re-branding to sales transformations, upskilling to professional development and more, global sales organizations rely on CommercialTribe to execute, measure, coach and improve.

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Ascent Update for CommercialTribe rep2rep for Salesforce


Following the launch of CommercialTribe Ascent, a completely rebuilt CommercialTribe designed for ease of use and mobile practice, we are now excited to share the a full update of our app, rep2rep! Here are the big changes made to the approach, and how they help your sales reps learn and apply more of your messages and skills.

rep2rep was designed to bring rep practice into the environment where they most often spend their time: Because reps are constantly in the platform, it was imperative to us to ensure that reps had chances to review content inside of the Salesforce ecosystem. The result is a one-stop place for reps to tie where they are in deal stages with the right content and skills needed to close the deal.

The 3.0 version is designed to exactly share design and functionality with CommercialTribe Ascent, our core platform. This required leveraging new Salesforce technologies, while also ensuring the same security, ease of use, and speed the core platform brings. rep2rep 3.0 is built entirely with the learner in mind.

Main updates include:

  • Robust Single Sign-On, with the option to easily link your CommercialTribe account with the Salesforce app. This brings an added layer of security and allows reps to seamlessly transition into CommercialTribe Ascent to practice.
  • A complete design refresh, focused on ease of use, quick navigation, and easy practice and certification.
  • New dashboards, complete with a rep’s up-to-date practice information, their progress, and all available activities.
  • Content linking that pairs CommercialTribe scenarios with Leads, Accounts, and Opportunities, directly within individual records.
  • A recommendation engine that determines what content you link to a record and suggests related scenarios to share and use to advance learning.

The use cases for reps stretch across their selling habits. A rep can see the right content and message before getting onto a call to close a deal, while their peers can review scenarios as they work through their pipeline. Even top performers need opportunities to refresh and reengage with best practices. Administrators and managers can still instantly see progress and analytics through CommercialTribe Ascent, which instantly syncs data with rep2rep.

The goal of CommercialTribe rep2rep remains the same: tie sales practice to sales performance, and show dynamically the impact of practice on how reps convert, sell, and win deals. Enablement and sales teams must be able to directly trace their investments in practice and tools to closed business. Rep2rep helps teams get at this goal by bringing practice into the Salesforce performance tracking space.

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Announcing the Release of CommercialTribe Ascent


We’re excited to announce the release of CommercialTribe’s newest platform, Ascent!

Ascent is a complete redesign of CommercialTribe, created through real customer feedback, lessons from over 85,000 practice sessions, and indications from the market. Providing a tool most able to boost the efficacy of reps required new investments in ease of use, design, stability, and scalability.

What’s changed?

After an exhaustive product redesign, with the support of the team across Denver and Boulder, Ascent went live this week with hundreds of updates. Here are some of the key changes you will find in Ascent:

  1. An all new interface, with comprehensive user experience and design updates reducing the clicks needed to navigate the system by 33%
  2. The ability to record offline, with truly scalable video that supports teams across the globe
  3. A native iPad and iPhone mobile app, with a full integration
  4. Major changes to reporting, with detailed analytics and team performance tracking tools that connect rep practice to efficacy
  5. New administration features, notifications, and curriculum-building toolsets designed to make it easier to create and deploy curriculums

In a word, Ascent is progress. Teams will find it easier to create new opportunities for learning, while reps can benefit from practice anywhere, whether online or not.

Why Ascent?

CommercialTribe was born and raised in Denver, and few things are more important to the area than the mountains. Much of our team is made up of avid hikers, skiers and snowboarders, and outdoors lovers, so the connection to Colorado’s many peaks is clear. Yet, the name goes deeper: the struggle reps face as they progress through classic training is exactly like mountain climbing, with the same stress and challenge.

We want to give reps a clear path to the “summit,” the place where training and learning is progressive, where reps proactively learn, share with their team, and develop the skills necessary to take on any sales challenge. The result is a team that becomes more interconnected and more consistent in approach, and as a result, more effective in every customer conversation. Ascent is solving the hardest problem in sales today.

The result is video-based sales practice as a cornerstone to training initiatives, solidifying the lessons before and after learning events and offering comprehensive, seamless opportunities to approach learning.

CommercialTribe is constantly updating and improving our platform. To learn more about CommercialTribe and to tour our platform, please schedule a demo!

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CommercialTribe October 2014 Product Updates


With the move to October comes a series of updates to the CommercialTribe platform and the launch of version 2.4!

Our biggest focus in October is on scalability, the ability to handle many thousands of users at once. Alongside these sizing updates, we took a directed look at performance, hoping to increase the speed and strength of the platform. As a result, we’ve optimized the codebase to deliver a consistently smooth, reliable experience. This matches our continued 99.2% overall uptime. We continued to improve global server capability, as we bring on more users from around the world.

All of these updates push us closer to our 2014 goal: fast, modern standards that allow us to pair with the best technologies and partners! Our video update, shifting away from the dated and broken Flash, will now allow us to power our content through HTML 5 and MP4 web-friendly standards. Likewise, updating our performance and API allows us the opportunity to soon connect to apps like Salesforce, bringing dynamic, timely teaching and learning directly into the CRM that you use every day! More updates on Salesforce integration are coming soon…

commercialtribe 2014 global coverage

Global Video and Recording Coverage, October 2014

CommercialTribe 2.4 also features a robust overhaul of our in-app notification system. Many different interactions now trigger targeted notifications to the right people, keeping your entire team up to date on their training and growth. When a user submits a video, is added to a group, or receives an announcement, for example, they will now see a custom notification both in the app and in their inbox!

commercialtribe 2014 sample notification

A sample notification

The learning process itself was also updated in CommercialTribe 2.4. With Activity Prerequisites, managers can set activities in order, requiring the completion of one or more scenarios or entire activities before a rep can move on. This encourages continual, chronological learning that introduces reps to concepts in the order that you prefer.

Reporting has also entered CommercialTribe 2.4, with managers able to see detailed utilization data for their reps. With this new data, managers get a true sense of how well their team is performing, which lessons are best activating reps, and how certification is proceeding.

For more information on how these updates help your distribution, or to find our more, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

CommercialTribe September 2014 Product Updates


CommercialTribe is constantly updating and building upon our social sales learning platform.

In September [2014], we worked toward one major goal: make CommercialTribe better, faster, and stronger! As part of the upgrade, we’re proud to announce CommercialTribe 2.0!

The backend of the system is now powered by a more robust stack that can handle many users, roles, and operations. We’ve achieved a 99.2% overall uptime by continually optimizing and adapting our stack. On our servers, rather than focusing on a single-source approach, CommercialTribe spread its video and recording servers across the globe, offering strong capabilities worldwide. No matter where your team trains, CommercialTribe can reliably process and deliver your content, 24/7.

commercialtribe global coverage sept 2014Global Video and Recording Coverage, September 2014

CommercialTribe now has a more clean and functional UI, focused around helping reps and managers better create and share. The 2.0 version increases the functionality of scenario and practice features, with a better layout and a new CMS toolset that more naturally and easily pairs slideshow content with recording. Reps practice in a space that feels like a live pitch, increasing retention and focus.

commercialtribe 2.0 2014CommercialTribe 2.0!

Organization is not overlooked in 2.0. In fact, CommercialTribe’s new platform introduces total control of your integration, through the Admin role. Admins can set up scenarios, manage users, work with content and all videos, and serve as the overall manager for your CommercialTribe solution. Most importantly, Admins can create and edit Activities, offering an easy way to control the details of your play.

Coming soon in CommercialTribe are tools to help increase interactivity and rep time in training. Currently, 2.0 includes the beginning elements of our achievement and gamification platform. Reps completing certifications and scenarios have the chance to earn badges or other rewards, encouraging more practice and time spent learning. All roles will soon see the relaunched notification system, adding helpful updates and alerts on content and users. Matching the added Admin roles will be a robust and adaptive reporting system, giving you access to user metrics and content statistics.

CommercialTribe is constantly improving. Schedule a demo to see what’s new!

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