Introducing SpotLight

At-a-glance visibility into how well reps articulate value

SpotLight is a CommercialTribe service that assesses the overall quality and individual quality of your team's submissions. Our team of expert sales coaches review each submission to determine a rep's ability to articulate value and reflect your internal standard for sales mastery.

CommercialTribe SpotLight Heatmap

Impacts Across the Team

Reps need only minutes to respond to a prompt


Less than 5 minutes to respond to a prompt

Managers have visiblity into gaps and where the team ranks

Sales Leaders

Visibility into performance gaps that block quota attainment

Easy to see green, yellow, red rep ability

Enablement Professionals

Easily identify reps who need additional coaching

"Sometimes when I listen to our reps on sales calls, I cringe. "

VP Sales, Major Technology Company

How it Works

Reps practice best practice sales message

Reps View, Practice, and Submit

Reps view a short video prompt and then submit their response. Example: "Profile the key differentiators between our product and our top competitor's product as if you are speaking to a prospect."

CommercialTribe Assesses Submissions

Leaders receive at-a-glance and detailed reports by email, along with a short highlight reel of selected responses, each highlighting where managers should spend their valuable coaching time.

CommercialTribe coaching experts assess sales messages
Managers see heatmap of ability by message or team

Heatmaps Indicate Where to Focus Coaching

CommercialTribe coaches review submissions and gives a red, yellow, or green score based on how well the rep articulates the key business message.

See How SpotLight Can Revolutionize Rep Performance

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