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Deliver great demos

Train teams on complex technology demos, product overviews, or internal applications. Anyone can create videos in this simple interface and practice delivering in a safe environment, so that they can effectively articulate features and value when it matters most – in front of a prospect or customer.

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"A World Class Demo has the second biggest impact on the outcome of a sales campaign."

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How it Works

View best practice scenarios and tribal knowledge

Deliver Great Demos

Certify sales reps on their ability to deliver demos flawlessly

Practice sales messages, skills, and behaviors

Leverage Sales Engineers

Technical teams can easily record, source, and share demos that support the sale

Submit for feedback and score

Shorten Ramp Time

Train new reps on how to use Salesforce and other key internal applications

"We use CommercialTribe Screen Recording to ensure our reps share their best product demonstrations with our customers. At Mixpanel, it is essential our reps are above average in how articulate and prepared they are to show off our product and demonstrate value to your buyers in order to advance the sales cycle. With the ability to record, share, and practice our best product walkthroughs, our reps can now advance more opportunities by mastering demos before talking to buyers."

David Koszka, Mixpanel

Using Screen Recording

CommercialTribe Sales-First Training Solution

Create a Scenario in CommercialTribe

Create a scenario that uses Screen Recording and a script, adding product demonstrations or internal training directly into your activity workflow.

Choose What to Share

Screen Recording can capture any screen open on your computer, including browser windows, Office products, desktops, applications, and even tethered iPads. Built without using Flash, Screen Recording is stable, secure, and able to work even when bandwidth is low or when reps are on the move.

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Start Recording the Right Content

Once you select a source, simply start recording to capture all interactions with the selected application. Your microphone will automatically turn on, making it easy to capture voiceovers or walk reps through demonstrations. Once you stop recording, your scenario is instantly ready for review, rerecording, or sharing with the team.

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