Sales Transformation

Create alignment, agility, and speed to transformation

The CommercialTribe Sales Transformation Solution

Sales transformation efforts can take years, and rarely track to revenue goals. CommercialTribe can help cut down time to productivity and optimize learning as reps transition.

Cross-Functional Alignment

Current State

Organizations want Product, Marketing, and Sales leadership to align on market positioning and the communications cascade during the transformation, but the teams fail to collaborate effectively before launch.. .

Future State

Sales, Marketing, and Product leadership record their vision and gain alignment on messaging before the cascade to the field.


Generate best-in-class content by collecting submissions from subject-matter experts or the field.

Introduce Service Messaging with CommercialTribe

Ongoing Certification with CommercialTribe

Pre-Work and Field Delivery

Current State

Reps are expected to fully transform how, what, and when they sell, with virtual or in-person events to drive adoption. The effort takes over a year, with little visibility into individual participation and receptivity to change behaviors.

Future State

Understand who has and has not prepared for training while giving the field a low-risk way to absorb new concepts and managers a tool to instantly check receptivity and progress. .

Watch & Respond

Have reps watch video-based informational product and service content and then respond back with their critical thinking and understanding.


Send out a video-based question to test your reps' ability to articulate a product and service messaging, reinforcing the existing curriculum or identifying opportunities for future training.

Field Adoption

Current State

Managers lead ongoing adoption of the transformation, but as time passes, progress on the full initiative remains unclear, while reps rely on different messages and approaches.

Future State

Managers execute a cadence of Certification and SpotCheck activities, designed to drive measurement and accountability on adoption and agility to make adjustments.


Set up message-oriented activities divided into progressive parts for reps to practice and then submit for formal review and coaching from managers.

Introduce Product Messaging with CommercialTribe

Select Companies Transforming their Teams with CommercialTribe

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Take an approach to sales transformation that sticks - fast - with CommercialTribe

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