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Veritas Certify to Fly Sales Kickoff Case Study

With CommercialTribe, the Veritas Sales Enablement team was able to introduce new messaging to a global team of reps, measure the adoption and impact, and see real progress through practice. As a result, Veritas introduced an entirely new framework for Sales Kickoff: Certify to Fly.

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Expedient Sales Transformation Case Study

When Expedient needed to transform their sales process and align new and existing reps under a tenure-long learning plan, they utilized CommercialTribe to scale and ensure adoption. As a result, the team saw record-breaking performance and a new ability to sell into a complex market.

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Tim Riesterer Corporate Visions Case Study

CommercialTribe helped Corporate Visions to design a sales enablement approach for boosting messaging proficiency across the worldwide sales team. To help adopt the new messaging and drive practice, CommercialTribe created a Product & Service Go-to-Market plan that incorporated the suite of new solutions. The plan combined several steps to build out a practice-based activity curriculum for Corporate Visions.

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Lionbridge Case Study

Lionbridge implemented CommercialTribe’s 3rd Party Message Development solution. The CommercialTribe platform was configured to allow Lionbridge reps across the world to see recorded best practices of the new Corporate Visions-designed message for Lionbridge, practice until they got it right, and then submit video scenarios for manager feedback. Reps were tasked with not only seeing the message, but practicing knowledge and proficiency before going to market.

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Paula Shannon Lionbridge

Paula Shannon

Chief Sales Officer, SVP, Lionbridge

"With CommercialTribe, we hoped to drive adoption of our new messaging and align the team. In just a few months, our reps were practicing each piece of content more than 5 times, perfecting their delivery and effectiveness. We developed a culture of practice within the team that will continue to support our growth. CommercialTribe is a new-found key to driving adoption of our important market facing messages at the rep level...and at scale."

Tim Riesterer Corporate Visions

Tim Riesterer

CSO/CMO, Corporate Visions, Inc.

"CommercialTribe’s video-based practice helps our team and clients develop quality and consistency in their messaging that allows reps to make a difference in the market. Complex skills and messages that previously weren’t being reviewed are now practiced more than 3 times each, until they are mastered. When reps are able to practice and get feedback, they can take the right stories to a prospect and spark an entirely new insight, changing a sales presentation into an engaging answer to 'why change?’"

David Koszka Mixapenl CommercialTribe

David Koszka

Sr. Manager, Sales Enablement, Mixpanel

"At Mixpanel, it is essential our reps are above average in how articulate and prepared they are to show off our product and demonstrate value to your buyers in order to advance the sales cycle. With the ability to record, share, and practice our best product walkthroughs, our reps can now advance more opportunities by mastering demos before talking to buyers."

Andrew Quinn HubSpot

Andrew Quinn

Director, Training and Development, HubSpot

"CommercialTribe allows my trainers to be much more effective in developing our reps ability to deliver our key messages. By allowing our reps to review best-in-class delivery of key messages and questions on their own time and to practice those as much as it takes to nail them, without live roleplay, has allowed my trainers to double their capacity to scale and develop our reps."

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