Sales Doesn’t Need Another Learning Management System

Integrate a video practice solution specifically designed for sales into your LMS

Onboard and develop your sellers the way they work

Watch and respond functionality presents best practice videos, then allows sellers to practice in a simulated environment seamlessly

  • Present sellers with videos of model selling pitches or behaviors
  • In-app video response facilitate practice, where sellers can record as many videos as they need to before submitting their best
  • Pitch to camera, role-play, screen recording and slide sync, and more
  • Quick and easy, web and mobile enabled

Streamline feedback and coaching

  • Annotations allow coach to provide specific feedback within video submissions
  • Targeted feedback provides highly relevant, individualized coaching for each seller
  • Easily provide quick coaching tips within submissions

Effortless Content Creation and Management

Pitch to camera, role-play, screen recording, slide sync, and more

Easy integration into your Learning Management System

Managers and enablement know exactly who needs to be coached on what, and sellers know exactly where they need to improve to hit their goal

  • Easy integration into your LMS with xAPI
  • Simplify user administration and reporting
  • Create a seamless experience for learners to practice their pitch and certify market readiness

Compliance Based Reporting Isn’t Just Has Less Meaning

Align your sales organization around a common behavioral framework that drives performance

Align enablement and sales with a common framework

  • Move beyond participation and compliance reporting to measuring behaviors using a common assessment framework
  • Pass seller behavior scores to sales management to inform where coaching should be focused
  • Continue to apply the consistent assessment framework after the seller goes into the field and gain insights to help build relevant training programs

Easily identify strengths and close gaps

  • Real-time behavioral performance across the sales organization informs adjustments in learning paths and improvement in training
  • Create highly relevant, actionable training and onboarding with performance data and insights from the field
  • Engage sales management in the success of onboarding and training

Bridge the Gap Between Sales and Enablement

CT Coach data provides sales enablement with critical insights into what they need to include in onboarding and on-going training programs