Product & Service Go-to-Market

The solution for aligning the team behind the right messages for your products and services

The CommercialTribe Product & Service Go-to-Market Process

CommercialTribe helps drive adoption and mastery of your organization's product and service messaging with a prescribed learning process.

Message Development

Current State

Lack of alignment between Sales, Marketing, and Enablement often makes it difficult to reach consensus on how to position a new product.

Future State

Product messaging is created and socialized with the team through video, in advance of being pushed out to the field for practice and adoption.


Generate best-in-class content by collecting submissions from subject-matter experts or the field.


Using automated scoring, create a simple assignment to better understand cohort receptivity to video-based practice and overall rep intent and engagement.

Introduce Service Messaging with CommercialTribe

Ongoing Certification with CommercialTribe

Pre-Work and Field Delivery

Current State

Introducing a new product or solution the traditional way often fails to drive the intended result, with reps struggling to adopt the messaging and internalize how to position complex product lines.

Future State

Our process introduces practice and establishes a baseline metric to measure adoption, while engaging reps with the best organization-generated content.

Watch & Respond

Have reps watch video-based informational product and service content and then respond back with their critical thinking and understanding.


Generate best-in-class product content by collecting submissions from subject-matter experts or the field.

Product and Service Mastery

Current State

Product and Marketing leaders have no visibility into which reps actually adopt the new product messaging, yet are still responsible for product success or failure.

Future State

Certification creates a path toward product and service mastery, while SpotChecks allow leaders to check-in as the initiative runs and expands.


Set up message-oriented activities divided into progressive parts for reps to practice and then submit for formal review and coaching from managers.


Send out a video-based question to test your reps' ability to articulate a product and service messaging, reinforcing the existing curriculum or identifying opportunities for future training.

Introduce Product Messaging with CommercialTribe

"CommercialTribe allows my trainers to be much more effective in developing our reps ability to deliver our key messages. By allowing our reps to review best-in-class delivery of key messages and questions on their own time and to practice those as much as it takes to nail them, without live roleplay, has allowed my trainers to double their capacity to scale and develop our reps."

- Andrew Quinn, Director, Training and Development, HubSpot

Sucessful Product and Service Introductions

Improve Cross-sell Ratio

Encourage Adoption

Increase Win Rate

Select Companies Driving Product & Service Go-to-Market with CommercialTribe

Veritas and CommercialTribe
Pearson and CommercialTribe
HomeAdvisor and CommercialTribe
Concur and CommercialTribe

CommercialTribe helps your team align its product and service goals with sales results.

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