CommercialTribe Enrolls in EU-U.S. Privacy Shield; Among First Companies Committing to Framework

Market Wired

CommercialTribe is proud to announce its enrollment in the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield program, as one of the first companies to self-certify under the new framework. Privacy Shield offers a new method for collaboration between CommercialTribe and its clients doing business in the European Union (EU).

Privacy Shield participation requires strong protections for the data of EU users transferred to the US, demanding a safe, secure, and aware organization. CommercialTribe’s enrollment in Privacy Shield reinforces the organization’s commitment to being a partner to global clients, supporting their overseas growth and ever-expanding privacy requirements…

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CommercialTribe CEO Paul Ironside Speaks at Conversations that Win

Paul Ironside | CommercialTribe
Melissa Hereford | Corporate Visions

CommercialTribe and Corporate Visions partner to explain how you can enforce better practice, feedback and even certification of messaging and skills using video to drive learning.

5 secrets of CommercialTribe’s Colorado success

Published by: Anthony Sodd | Built in Colorado

If there were truly a secret recipe that made a startup a wild success, it would surely be patented or the subject of many successful books. While many books on Amazon allege to have that recipe, I’ll save you a lot of time and money – they don’t. That said, we can take some advice from those who have been there, done that and been successful. We caught up with Marketing Director Gavin Matthews to find out 5 of the secrets to CommercialTribe’s success here in Colorado…

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50 Colorado startups to watch in 2015

Published by Maura Gaughan | Built in Colorado

In 2014, Colorado companies received a total of $758 million in funding — a 64 percent increase from 2013. Several billion-dollar buyouts mixed with the rise of consumer-focused startups and expansion of tech-focused educational program actually did make 2014 the best year ever.

And what’s more beautiful than the cloud-laced landscape of a Rocky Mountain skyline? The amount of cash cloud-software companies brought into the state…

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Prior To The 2015 Sales Kickoff, Reps Need Practice–And More Practice

Published by Tim Riesterer | CMO

For an assignment in business class, my daughter and her peers each had to deliver a sales presentation in front of their classmates, after which they voted on the winner. My daughter texted later that day, saying her presentation ended up “winning by a landslide.”

To which I replied, “it must be in the DNA,” jokingly trying to take the credit. Within a second, she responded: “Or it could’ve been the 50,000 times I practiced it…”

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The Top 100 Digital Employers in Colorado

Published by Garrett Reim | Built in Colorado

We’re happy to share Built In Colorado’s first ever ‘Top 100 Digital Companies’ list. The list catalogs Colorado’s top 100 employers in digital tech and shows an industry that has changed enormously in the last 10 years.

22 percent of the ‘Top 100’ companies have been around for less than five years and 51 percent have been around for less than 10 years. In total, the top 100 companies employ 10,523 people, an enormous sum considering how young many of them are…

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Sales Enablement Choices

Published by Brian Groth | LinkedIn

The market for sales enablement solutions is exploding, and as the sales enablement manager at Xactly, I’ve been trying to keep track of the different options available to me. I organize them into a few different buckets, but I’m not even including the variety of marketing automation solutions here, which is arguably related to sales enablement too. So while the solution providers I list is only a subset of what’s available in the market, as you can see, it is getting crowded…

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