Influence the Weekly Operating Cadence for Maximum Impact

Understand the reality of where managers spend time to improve it

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Better managers make better reps. It's that simple.

Design and monitor an ideal operating cadence

  • See how perception matches reality with time insights
  • Make adjustments to the role of the manager with data

Make span of control and new rep assignment decisions

  • Measure a manager’s capacity
  • Time patterns reveal best fit team assignment decisions

Determine in or out for low performers

  • See whether they’ve been given a fair shot
  • Allocate enough manager time to make a decision

Drop low value activities from manager's calendars

  • Understand the impact of internal “to-do’s”
  • Help managers spend more time in the field

Visualize your operating cadence

Improve the return on manager time
Time, Tenure and Performance Insights

  • Time with vs. without team
  • Time on internal vs. external meetings
  • Time based on seller tenure and performance

Receive intelligent recommendations

Fit within your managers’ operating cadence
Guided Manager Experience

  • Prioritize which sellers to spend time with
  • Receive weekly calendar recommendations for sales activities to join

Reinforce your sales process

Measure and develop the most critical sales behaviors
Behavioral Feedback

  • Scorecards align to your sales process and methodology – Challenger, MEDDIC, ValueSelling and many more
  • Visualize behavioral gaps and strengths by seller, sales team, region and org

CT Connect integrates with the apps sales managers use every day

  • Google and Outlook Calendars – Connect to understand manager time 
  • Salesforce – Measure the impact of coaching on sales performance
  • Single Sign-On – Access using Okta or any other SAML 2.0 SSO provider

Highly Effective Sales Managers Get More Sellers To Goal

CT Connect has revolutionized the way we provide feedback to our teams” – Sue-Ellen Coelho, Regional Director