Managers Who Coach Get More Reps to Goal

Optimize who, where and how sales managers spend their time

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Better managers make better reps.
It’s that simple.

Who managers spend time with matters

Focus on the reps who will benefit the most

  • Move Cs to Bs and Bs to As
  • Shorten the ramp for new hires

Where managers work in the sales process matters

From joint sales calls to deal and forecast reviews

  • Redirect focus from late to early stages
  • Improve sales execution where it has the greatest impact to win rates

How managers interact with their teams matters

Provide a consistent lens to diagnose and develop winning selling behaviors

  • Align on the selling behaviors that matter at each stage  
  • Make it clear to sellers what is expected to succeed

Impact sales performance with coaching

Measure the outputs from highly effective managers

  • Improve win rates 
  • Get more sellers to plan 

Shift management focus

Direct management capacity where it will have the greatest return.  

  • Reporting – See who, where and how managers are spending their time
  • Coaching Benchmark – Guide managers on the consistency, volume and quality of their coaching
  • Sales Performance – Correlate manager engagement with sales metrics such as win rate and sales cycle length

Build coaching into sales execution

Integrate coaching within a managers daily workflow.  

  • Coaching RecommendationsSimplify planning and execution
  • CalendarReceive recommendations and schedule coaching
  • AssessmentsObserve, assess and provide structured feedback 
  • MobileiOS and Android for coaching on the go 

Reinforce your sales process and managerial cadence

Measure and develop the most critical sales behaviors

  • Behavior Library – Leverage a rich library of behaviors or develop your own
  • Align to Sales Methodology – Pre-built by Challenger, MEDDICC, Value Selling, and many more
  • Assessment Maps – Align behaviors that matter the most to specific commercial interactions

CT Connect integrates with the apps sales managers use every day

Help sales managers plan and execute coaching to improve productivity within their workflow

  • Salesforce – Measure the impact of coaching on sales performance
  • Outlook and Google Calendars – Identify and schedule coaching for events on the calendar
  • Single Sign-On – Simplify access using Okta or any other SAML 2.0 SSO provider

Highly Effective Sales Managers Get More Sellers To Goal

CT Connect has revolutionized the way we provide feedback to our teams” – Sue-Ellen Coelho, Regional Director