Improve time to productivity and lower new hire attrition levels by engaging reps early and consistently across their first year - and beyond.

The CommercialTribe Onboarding Process

A progressive, dynamic curriculum that drives new hires through their first year.

Early Onboarding


Often times, reps start on day 1 with several days or weeks before new hire orientation – and their time is spent doing random assignments leading to confusion and early dis-engagement.


Starting on day 1, or even off cycle, nothing gives a rep more confidence than being able to articulate the value proposition. CommercialTribe's onboarding process is organized to build confidence quickly by focusing reps on mastering core messaging concepts and skills before new hire orientation, with intuitive, video-based practice curriculums.

Watch & Respond

New reps see video-based informational content, and then respond back with their critical thinking and understanding.

With CommercialTribe, new hires onboard faster

Rethink onboarding past 90 days

New Hire Orientation to the First 90 Days


Through orientation, reps often don’t get enough chances to practice toward mastery and become reliant on managers, whom often lack time and resources to train.


Certification ensures visibility and accountability after orientation so reps advance by demonstrating continued skill development and proficiency. Managers leverage SpotCheck activities to make sure learning sticks.


Short video-based questions test how well new hires can articulate a response and adopt their new curriculum.


To onboard into the right skills and messages, new hires practice and then submit scenarios for formal review and coaching from enablement.

90+ Days


After onboarding, reps are left to move up or out, either embracing new learning on their own or sliding toward disengagement and attrition.


After new hire certification ends, SpotCheck activities ensure that reps stay sharp, while sourcing exercises allow Sales Enablement to capture experiences like first win or loss.


Continued practice drives reps to adopt the right skills, messages, and behaviors, even as they move into active selling.

Transform sales onboarding with CommercialTribe

"CommercialTribe allows my trainers to be much more effective in developing our reps ability to deliver our key messages. By allowing our reps to review best-in-class delivery of key messages and questions on their own time and to practice those as much as it takes to nail them, without live roleplay, has allowed my trainers to double their capacity to scale and develop our reps."

- Andrew Quinn, Director, Training and Development, HubSpot

Results-Driven Onboarding

Collapse Time to Productivity

Decrease Sales Cycle Length

Increase Win Rate

Retain Talent and Lower Attrition

Select Companies Driving Onboarding with CommercialTribe

HubSpot and CommercialTribe
HomeAdvisor and CommercialTribe
Monster and CommercialTribe
YP and CommercialTribe

Find out how CommercialTribe can revolutionize your onboarding process.

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