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Hear from CROs and VPs of Sales powering the Operating Cadence with CT Connect

“Now I can understand the reality of our operating cadence based on how much time managers spend running our internal operating cadence vs. getting on external sales calls with their reps.  We use the data to measure and adjust.”

Dan FitzSimons
Chief Revenue Officer at Pure Storage


Melissa Murray Bailey
"CT Connect helps us track how our managers are running our Revenue Management Framework. 
Getting all of our managers to operate more consistently is a huge win.  Take co-selling...we noticed that certain managers had very low co-selling time with their team, which is a critical lever to move rep performance.  Only after probing further did we realize they had lost confidence in the value they could bring on sales calls.  So we hosted specific training just for the manager on revisiting sales skills and how to co-sell.  And now we've seen their co-sell activity start to pick up again."

Melissa Murray Bailey
Chief Revenue Officer at Hootsuite

Darrell Gehrt

"We all have tools that look at individual performers and how they are doing but nobody really looks at the managers.  But the managers are the ones who drive the business.  Managers who are engaged drive deals. 

CT Connect is a way to increase overall sales through better frontline management."

Darrell Gehrt
SVP Sales At Cvent


“I didn’t realize how much variability there was in our operating cadence and the impact to rep productivity until I could see where managers were spending time.  With CT Connect, we tied operating goals to where and how we believe managers should spend time and best of all, can monitor and adjust to make continuous improvements.”

Richard Henderson
Chief Sales Officer at HigherLogic


Chris Bondarenko
"With the exponential growth the North American sales team has experienced, it was imperative that we partner with CT Connect.  First, to ensure consistency and high-quality management for all sellers across the team.  Second, to provide a scalable operating model that we could co-create and track against key performance data. 
With Sales Management Intelligence, we can see what makes strong managers based on where they spend their time and develop benchmarks as a guide to monitor, measure, and optimize."

Chris Bondarenko
VP North American Sales at Docebo

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“I realized my managers had different approaches to operating each week and I needed to figure out a way to influence where my managers spend time.

Until CT Connect, there was no easy way to know where managers were spending time by rep.  Now I can set a baseline with the goal to create a more consistent rep experience and resulting performance.”

Allison Yount
VP of Enterprise Sales at Fairmarkit


“Sales Management Intelligence has enabled us to uncover where the best sales managers spend their time and help identify how to build our operating cadence in a way that makes it easier for other managers to emulate.”

Andrew Pickens
SVP Sales at Syndigo


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