Activate Your Frontline Sales Managers

Close your team’s gap to goal by activating frontline sales managers as effective coaches

Align your sales organization with a common framework

Align sales management, operations, enablement, and the field on what behaviors are critical to moving deals forward at each stage of your sales process

  • Calibrate what sales behaviors are critical to your team, region, or organization
  • Drive adoption among key stakeholders
  • Clarify consistent performance and management expectations

Assessments identify seller gaps and strengths

Give frontline sales managers the tool and framework they need to effectively assess seller behaviors within their day-to-day workflow

  • Managers assess sellers, whether they’re in the office or on-the-go
  • Easy to use sales assessment framework enables consistent scoring and feedback
  • Color coding simplifies performance data interpretation

Improve performance with data-driven coaching

Managers and enablement know exactly who needs to be coached on what, and sellers know exactly where they need to improve to hit their goal

  • Assessment data focuses managers on sales behaviors that need coaching and improvement
  • Team and individual performance views streamline performance reviews
  • Custom behavioral attributes, notes, and sharing options personalize the sales manager experience

Executive leadership analytics & reporting

As frontline managers continue assessing behaviors, leadership is better able to compare performance, measure progression, and create a correlation to performance

  • Build a behavioral skills profile baseline and compare sellers with their peers and the team as a whole
  • Measure progression over time as managers assess and coach their sellers to close gaps
  • Correlate improved behavior scores to improved KPIs and goal attainment

Improve Sales Behaviors That Drive Performance

Assessment Framework

Consistent assessments create a useful, relevant database

Friendly support

Our white glove service customer success team is here for you


Clearly see how individuals and teams are progressing over time

Easy To Use

Beautiful, intuitive design specifically for the busy frontline sales manager

Web and Mobile

Desktop or mobile, assessment and coaching fits into how your managers manage their day

Insights on the Go

Know who needs coaching on what behaviors from anywhere you go

Coaching Makes Quota

Make coaching part of your team’s cadence

CT Connect Features

Designed for developing sales teams

Notes on the Go

Add context to assessments and stay organized by adding your own notes

Easily Share Your Results

Elect whether or not to share assessment results and notes with your team

Increase Coaching Effectiveness

Improve performance with data-driven coaching that focuses on improving each individual seller

Web and Mobile

Whether you are in the office or on the go, we have you covered

Focus on What Matters

Pinpoint your team’s strengths and gaps to help focus your coaching


Get helpful assessment and coaching reminders and notifications about your team’s progress

Bridge the Gap Between Sales and Enablement

CT Connect data provides sales enablement with critical insights into what they need to include in onboarding and on-going training programs