Lionbridge Adopts New Messaging with CommercialTribe


Lionbridge is a leading professional translation and localization firm based in Massachusetts. Supporting reps in 26 countries and working with over 800 clients, Lionbridge reaches enterprise scale and employs sales reps across the world.

With Lionbridge’s growth and international expansion, it needed a more scalable way to drive global message adoption. Lionbridge paired with Corporate Visions, Inc. to design messaging that would create insightful selling conversations that were consistent across the company. The new messaging surfaced a new challenge – how to ensure adoption of the messaging at the individual rep level.

The Solution

Lionbridge implemented CommercialTribe’s 3rd Party Message Development solution. The CommercialTribe platform was configured to allow Lionbridge reps across the world to see recorded best practices of the new Corporate Visions-designed message for Lionbridge, practice until they got it right, and then submit video scenarios for manager feedback. Reps were tasked with not only seeing the message, but practicing knowledge and proficiency before going to market:

  1. Lionbridge leaders recorded best practice delivery of the new whiteboarding stories for the message
  2. Reps from Lionbridge's global offices viewed and practiced as many times as it took to get it right, submitting for coaching and certification
  3. Lionbridge saw reporting on how the team adopted and mastered the new messaging
  4. Leadership was able to to reinforce the investment in external messaging and ensure that reps took it to market.

Initial Results

Lionbridge immediately saw improvement in rep confidence and effectiveness. With the ability to continually practice the message before receiving feedback, reps could better embrace the learning and skills - and adopt them into their individual selling behaviors.

  • • Top reps practiced as many as 71 times each
  • • The average rep watched best practice examples 13 times
  • • Reps practiced each example 5 times on average

CommercialTribe continues to assist Lionbridge in developing a “culture of practice,” directed around its adoption and mastery of Corporate Visions techniques. The program’s goals included reinforcing investments in Corporate Visions messaging and SiriusDecisions frameworks, while eventually helping to boost the core metrics of Lionbridge’s business - including Average Selling Price and Win Rate.

About Lionbridge

Lionbridge is the world’s largest language services provider, offering industry-leading professional translation and localization services and highly scalable global marketing solutions. Lionbridge helps organizations achieve international success through exceptional customer service, the most advanced technologies, and the industry’s largest and most sophisticated network of professional translators.

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Lionbridge CommercialTribe Video-based Practice

Key Takeaways

  • CommercialTribe designed a 3rd Party Message Adoption solution, incorporating Corporate Visions' WhiteboardSelling

  • The team practiced content as much as 5 times per scenario

  • Lionbridge quickly got their new message adopted and into the market

"With CommercialTribe, we hoped to drive adoption of our new messaging and align the team. In just a few months, our reps were practicing each piece of content more than 5 times, perfecting their delivery and effectiveness. We developed a culture of practice within the team that will continue to support our growth. CommercialTribe is a new-found key to driving adoption of our important market facing messages at the rep level...and at scale."

- Paula Shannon, Chief Sales Officer, SVP