Expedient Transforms Rep Behaviors with CommercialTribe


Driving quota attainment and accelerating revenue for existing and new hires takes more than just luck. You need a strategy that defines key steps in the buyer journey and goals for each team’s development, as well as a way to deploy new messages in a scalable way across the organization.

When Expedient needed to transform their sales organization, they turned to CommercialTribe – creating a sales culture that exceeded all major goals.

The Challenge

Expedient sells high-tech cloud and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) hosting solutions. Its reps need to manage technical, effective messages from the first call. Market pressure and more advanced buyers required that reps change from feature selling to consultative, solution-based selling - fast.

New reps also need to quickly become proficient with these messages. New hires and tenured reps alike are expected to absorb and apply an incredible volume of content in a short time.

To remedy the situation, Expedient’s executive leadership invested in a new sales enablement process. After identifying key content that reps needed to learn over a year, sales broke content out by topic and stage, and created customized year-long enablement paths for new hires and existing reps. They used CommercialTribe to make this transformation easy and scalable.

The Solution

With support from leadership, Expedient created a culture of practice using CommercialTribe, breaking up content into 45 activities and 180 videos that encompassed what reps were expected to learn in their first year. Subject matter experts across sales, marketing, product, and operations collaborated to record gold standard takes of the right message at each stage of the sales cycle, as well as provide more detailed information about organizational capabilities and differentiators.

Expedient doubled down on the transformation and offered its reps an entirely new incentive model to match the new approach to enablement: rep compensation would be partially based on completion of activities in the CommercialTribe platform. To ensure momentum of the program launch, reps would also be entered to win a vacation trip for recording at least 30 scenarios and reaching quota. To hit the number, reps would not only need to sell, but also show and prove their ability to learn and deliver key value messages.

The Results

Expedient’s transformation effort has been incredibly successful, with more reps reaching quota than ever and 35 reps winning a vacation – after practicing more than 50 videos each on average. Record-breaking performance became common in the organization:

  • One new hire closed their first major deal only 30 days after onboarding – drastically improving the average 4 months to close
  • An existing rep previously ranked 25th for sales volume consistently practiced and reviewed the right messages, and now ranks 2nd in the company for sales
  • Another new hire’s messaging was so effective that a prospective senior buyer cited the sales conversation as the reason to buy

Over 6 months, Expedient was able to more rapidly ramp new hires to full productivity and upskill the existing team. In all, a team of 70 employees reviewed and practiced the messages, generating 3,200 unique practice sessions to gain mastery and ability.

About Expedient

Expedient combines data centers, network access and managed services to deliver information technology infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions. With a physical presence in seven (7) cities, local experts ensure continuous service availability at eleven (11) locations where client data is secured in both physical and virtual platforms, including colocation cabinets, cages and public and private clouds. The company ensures application and data availability through the delivery of a variety of disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solutions, predictable monthly expense forecasting, mitigation of the risks associated with industry and government compliance mandates and collaboration with teams of local experts, who are focused on maintaining an environment of operational excellence--freeing clients to focus on strengthening their own differentiators to effectively compete.

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Expedient CommercialTribe Sales Transformation

Key Takeaways

  • Expedient leveraged CommercialTribe to power its sales transformation efforts for new hires and tenured reps
  • Teams across functions collaborated to create dozens of gold-standard videos for reps to view, practice, and submit their take on.
  • New hires ramped to productivity months faster, while existing reps improved their performance and set new records for quota attainment and practice.