Sales Enablement Lab: Consistent Rep Stories


CommercialTribe Co-Founder and VP Sales, Jonathan Palay, was featured on the Sales Enablement Lab podcast, a regular review of new ideas in the space that has included guests like Tim Riesterer (Corporate Visions), Scott Santucci (Alexander Group), Jill Rowley (#SocialSelling), and Peter O’Neil (Forrester Research).


The host of the Sales Enablement Lab podcast is Thierry van Herwijnen, Director Sales Enablement, Global Head Sales Knowledge Management at Wipro. Thierry is a seasoned sales enablement expert, leading coaching and training efforts for a global team with modern, progressive demands.

Both Thierry and Jonathan covered what can be called the “hardest problem in sales” – how to get reps to adopt and perform the right skills and messages in the marketplace. Even with investments in tools, message programs, and training methods, unless reps are actually articulating value in the marketplace, the investment is lost.

The missing link is practice, a way for reps and leaders to continually engage with content and messaging before taking it in front of prospects. Today, reps are generally practicing on prospects, often adapting only a few parts of the message and forgetting others. The result is more deals lost or ending in “no decision.”

Jonathan shared three practical tips that you can use today to break this cycle and get reps practicing:

  1. Find a champion to lead a practice-based initiative
  2. Get buy-in from Sales Enablement, Sales Leadership, and Marketing
  3. Find out how important messaging is for your company

Check out the podcast and read our interview with Thierry van Herwijnen to learn more about progressive sales enablement at a global, technological scale.

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