Product Updates: Introducing New CommercialTribe Features


Working closely with customers to drive improvements and enhancements has been an insightful process for our team. With more than 20,000 sales professionals depending on us, we’ve learned a lot about how you work. Every interaction we’ve had with you has informed the way we think about our product development, design philosophy, and our future roadmaps.

In Q1, we had a number of exciting releases that have garnered rave reviews from our customers. The new CommercialTribe looks a little bit different. It’s built with a beautiful, modern, user interface that is focused on giving sales reps the functionality and ease of use that they need while also providing managers and administrators easy access and visibility to effectively review, and assess. And we’re especially excited to introduce you to our newest feature — Call Import.

Features Introduced in Q1 2017

Call Import

You can now create activities in the platform that allow a seller to import a recorded audio or video sales call. The Call Import feature allows managers and coaches to review and give feedback on real sales conversations and drive sellers toward targeted learning.

call import sales development feature

New Coaching Dashboard & My Team Page

As a coach, you can have an at-a-glance view of all the activities you need to coach. The new Coach Dashboard makes it easy to act on coaching when activities are ready for review. And, managers now also have an easy view into their team of direct reports with the My Team page. They can see how one rep is progressing through their assignments and review their submissions across multiple activities.

sales coaching dashboard

Coach Review Carousel & Coaching Roster

Coaches now have the ability to quickly scan through submissions, give feedback, and add scoring. The Review Carousel lets coaches quickly get to specific carousels for activities, sellers, and parts. And the new Coaching Roster allows coaches to see a list of all participants in an activity, complete with their progress through the activity and an easy way to review their submissions.

sales coach review carousel

Core Functionality Improvements

Learner Workflow Improvements

It’s easier than ever to use CommercialTribe, with improvements to login and Single Sign On, viewing/practicing/submitting, and getting to the right activity. Sellers can get into exactly the activity they need to complete, practice easily, and get back to selling.

New Admin Tools

Administrators now have more control over their activities and users. Select one or more users to deactivate them, resend their welcome email, and change their default application. Admins can also select several activities to deactivate them all at once.

See all of them in action now — Contact your Account Executive, Customer Success Manager, or request a demo!

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