Marc Benioff’s Secret for Every One of Your Sales Reps

Marc_BenioffMarc Benioff pioneered an industry, built into a $50B company, and plays host to Dreamforce – the biggest Mardi Gras style party for cloud computing in the world.

So when the world descends on San Francisco for one week each September, Marc gets on stage to deliver a three-hour keynote…and always does it flawlessly. Now that’s impressive.

But Marc has an advantage. In a tip recently shared by Business Insider, the secret weapon was revealed: he practices every presentation he gives 7 times.

7 times. That number seems awfully familiar.

As it turns out, reps in CommercialTribe are practicing just about as often as Marc. While we can’t all have the discipline of Benioff, CommercialTribe brings Benioff-like accountability to the craft of stellar presentation delivery.

What happens when people practice 7 times? We call it learning the sheet music, so you can go play improvisational jazz. And whether it’s a 3-hour keynote or an hour-long sales meeting, we all have to be ready to go on stage.

It is not news that practicing as many times as possible aligns closely with one’s ability to effectively master content. What may be surprising is that the technique works with any content and at any scale. While sales reps are finding success in practicing 2-minute messages 7 times, public speakers are achieving the same results with 2-3 hour sessions.

Want your reps to be like Marc? Build a process for disciplined practice.

Oh, and Marc – if you’re out there: next time you want to rehearse your presentation, just give us a call – we’ll keep a login open for you.