Join Us at the 2015 Corporate Visions Conversations that Win Conference

cvi conversations that win 2015

On Sept. 21st, Corporate Visions is bringing their insight-based Conversations that Win Conference back, one of the most important events of the year for sales and messaging.

Last year’s event in Chicago featured a great run on the psychology of certainty, information on taking buying conversations past the post, and Tim dressed like Johnny Bravo.

This year’s conference has one big change from the previous events: a new location in San Francisco. The same city that hosts some of the largest sales teams and the Dreamforce conference is a perfect home for Conversations that Win, which aims to shake up many traditional sales and messaging habits.

Another change is sure to create a much more intimate and educational experience: registration is now capped at 500 attendees. The result is a more consultative, close environment, where sales, marketing, and enablement leaders can discuss novel insights without overwhelming distractions.

Keynotes include Tim Riesterer on insights, Shawn Achor on how happiness links to performance, Jenny Dearborn of SAP on talent and skill development, and Wipro’s Amar Amarnath on the company’s market-leading sales and marketing alignment. The full suite of speakers includes top enterprise organizations that are all revolutionizing customer conversations and the sales and marketing process, including sessions with CommercialTribe’s own Paul Ironside!

You can start the conference off early with three insights just from the event listing. Given the lineup of speakers, expect to learn:

  1. What makes for an insight, and how to create them within your team
  2. How “work smarter, not harder” is actually hard work
  3. That Sales and Marketing alignment – and practice – are more important than ever

To help you prepare, Corporate Visions has recently shared two great pieces of research directly linked to how reps are talking to the marketplace. The first covers the incredible gap between what sales teams find most important to their success, buyer conversations, and what they actually do to prepare for these conversations – often very little. One Corporate Visions survey found that nearly 60% of sales teams never ask their reps to practice!

The second survey reviews the “business value gap” identified by Corporate Visions CSO/CMO Tim Riesterer. While C-level executives are more open to consultative, value-driven conversations, most organizations are still feature listing when they get on the phone. Until this divide is filled, expect fewer executive decisions and longer sales cycle lengths.

Expect both stories – and more – to feature at the only conference dedicated to customer conversations. There’s always a big surprise in store as well – what will Tim wear this year?

If you have yet to register for the conference and want to attend, use the code COMMERCIALTRIBE and save $100 on your registration!

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