Four Can’t-Miss Sessions from the SiriusDecisions Summit 2015

siriusdecisions 2015

The SiriusDecisions Summit 2015 is rapidly approaching, and thousands of sales and marketing leaders are preparing for a week in Nashville. While many conferences explore the future of sales or marketing, few combine these perspectives into one cohesive event. Over the past ten years of the Summit, SiriusDecisions has evolved the topics, arriving on an age-old but still thought-provoking theme: aligning sales and marketing in the B2B space.

This year’s Summit is specifically designed to get more sales leaders and enablers involved in the decisions that affect growth, from the top of the funnel down to the customer relationship. This robust perspective, broken apart into keynote sessions from speakers like John Neeson, Steve Silver, Jennifer Ross, Mark Levinson, and Jim Ninivaggi, allows for a more comprehensive approach on the impact of integrated sales and marketing.

As we surveyed the landscape of high-impact sessions, several stood out:

1. SiriusDecisions Keynote: The Economics of Sales/Marketing/Product Alignment, with Jim Neeson – Wednesday, 9:40-10:20 AM, Ryman Hall C

One of the highlight keynotes, Jim Neeson’s session, will look at one of the core challenges that the event hopes to solve: how do we drive alignment between all sales and marketing functions, and what is the ROI? Without data-driven insights into the benefits of close alignment, the plan can be lost. With a target on “growth” and “alignment,” Jim’s presentation will take a quantitative approach to getting sales, finance, and marketing at the same table.

2. Track Session: Sales Generated Demand: Balance and Execution, with Jim Ninivaggi – Thursday, 9:30-10:10 AM, Canal ABC

While marketing may be tasked with pulling in new leads through their efforts, sales still holds onto prospecting and lead generation. However, the two can work together, pairing to create the right content and messaging to take any lead and convert them into a qualified prospect. Jim Nanivaggi’s insights as a Director in Sales Enablement Strategies at SiriusDecisions can provide clarity into driving rep and marketing alignment that helps cross the last mile.

3. SiriusDecisions Keynote: Demystifying B-to-B Buying for 2015 and Beyond, with Marisa Kopec and Jennifer Ross, Thursday, 8:35-9:15 AM, Delta Ballroom

Are B2B buyers really knowledgeable about the products they buy? How much of the selling process can be self-service or marketing directed? For sales leaders, the session can offer valuable data into where buyers most often leave effective marketing – the point when sales can take over and drive understanding. Tied with consultative, insight-driven sales, understanding this process can help guide prospects toward an informed decision.

4. Track Session: The SiriusDecisions Sales Technology Adoption Framework, with Steve Silver, Thursday, 1:30-2:10 PM, Canal ABC

Selecting and adopting a sales technology can appear to be a gateway to increased sales, growth, and ROI. Yet, without the right framework for selecting and using the best system, the investment can become a drain on your organization. Steve Silver has spent years dissecting the sales tool buying process and clarifying the process, based on hundreds of conversations with top vendors.