How to Execute the Quarterly Virtual Kickoff


When the team starts to outgrow one office and spread across the country, it becomes impractical to bring everyone together for in-person training more than once a year. Even doing an annual Sales Kickoff means high travel and hotel costs, not to mention difficulties in quantifying the ROI.

A Kickoff with 100 reps can cost a quarter-million dollars, easily. What we want to start doing is smaller bites and being a bit more virtual”

– Sean Murray, Senior Director NA General Business, Xactly Corporation

Changing the Sales Kickoff equation can help alleviate many of the classic problems with the yearly event. Rather than flying the entire team out only once per year, the idea of the virtual kickoff, powered by web-based communications and video, can offer better impact and a far smaller cost. Even with a standard Kickoff, supplemental quarterly virtual sessions can bring the team back together to realign, encourage new ideas, or re-energize.

Use a hosted video solution to drive sessions

You can still find interaction in a virtual kickoff. Host timed sessions using a service like Webex to bring the team together, with built-in collaboration and sharing features. Any tools that allow your team to not only watch but to also interact, offer good ways to drive engagement.

Rethink the curriculum

Because virtual kickoffs happen more frequently, the curriculum for the entire year no longer has to be presented at once. When tracks are broken apart, reps are not only more likely to remember key points, but will have content and ideas that match their place in the yearly sales cycle. Kickoff becomes an excellent opportunity to upskill by market segment or vertical.


No matter what format you use for kickoff, recording it is vital. Some reps will always miss sessions, and recording offers a great way for the team to review key points and reflect on ideas long after the event. Long term, building a library of kickoff content also means that you can quickly build on past efforts and effectively drive change over time.

Roll out New Products and Messaging

Break goals and plans into quarterly chunks, aligning topics with new products, messaging, or needs for the three month period. With all reps together, including monthly or quarterly new hires, each has a chance to reflect on the last launches and jump-start the newest initiative. The result is a team more capable and ready to adopt a new line of messaging and take it into the field.

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