Does Your Sales Cycle Include a Demo?

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Product demonstrations are common to almost every sales cycle, a chance for reps to show off the platform or solution and push the conversation forward. Yet, they tend to be either heavily scripted previews, at best, or a waste of a prospect’s time, at worst.

Why aren’t reps practicing this crucial phase of the buyer journey?

“A World Class Demo has the second biggest impact on the outcome of a sales campaign, behind an independent colleague referral”

– Sales Benchmark Index

The research on sales demos is clear: this stage of the sales cycle is a critically important chance to advance the conversation, identify a clear issue to be solved, and boost prospect confidence. Each chance that a rep has to give an effective, persuasive demo is a chance to advance business and reinforce the brand.

The problem isn’t how reps and solution engineers access content or the messaging itself. What is actually at play is that capturing, disseminating, and practicing a sales demonstration can be difficult. Using a screenshare tool, engineers need to get the entire team aligned on one time to share the presentation, and reps are limited to a long recording as their only chance to review the content. Even this demo recording leads to issues – how do you ensure that reps actually view and practice the content, much less master the discussion?

Traditional Demo Training Does Not Work

The product demo training reps receive today is more often than not lacking, with three aspects that make the process unsuccessful for reps learning:

1. Demos are shared over a poor medium
Whether you give in-person product demos for training or rely on live screenshare, chances are high that reps will simply forget or overlook the content. Without any way to interact or be captivated by the information, reps are likely to fail to truly learn the material. One step toward improving this situation is capturing a recording, but even with the material in hand, driving actual engagement is challenging.

2. Reps rarely practice delivering demos
Reps learn complex demos best when they can interact with the material as many times as they need to get it right. This two-way interaction ensures that reps continually engage with the best-in-class demo, and can take it into sales pitches without practicing on prospects. If your current learning method does not allow reps to engage with the material after you share it, then the chances of reps actually being able to apply it hours, days, or weeks after the lesson fall drastically.

3. Solutions Engineers become the demo bottleneck
When reps do not know the demo, or when reps are not required to lead demos, they rely on Solutions Engineers to join calls and share technical details. In the end, you pay for the equivalent of two reps to deliver one sales pitch, with your most precious resource – subject matter experts – consumed by demos. Your reps need to be able to give effective demos and show product knowledge without relying exclusively on costly experts.

Making a Change

Part of articulating value to prospects is ensuring that reps are able to fully interact with demos, practicing the content as many times as they need to get it right. That’s why CommercialTribe now offers Screen Recording, which lets users record a video of an application, browser, or desktop. Reps can practice, train, and certify on applications, beyond just loading a related Powerpoint presentation into the platform.

When reps need to give demos, Screen Recording makes it easy to capture, share, and practice the best take of your product. Uses include:

  • Technical demos
  • Product overview demos
  • Internal product training

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