Do You Know Who Leads Your Sales Training?

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Part 3 of our series with Xactly Sales Enablement Manager Brian Groth explores how to find the right people to lead a new sales training effort. Part 1 covers planning sales training, including steps on framing needs and strategies. Part 2 reviews organizing new sales learning content and resources.

You’ve figured out what to train your sales reps on (product, process, skills, etc.), but who is going to create the training content and train your sales reps? The usual options are:

  1. Third party sales trainers, who usually focus on a few topics, such as prospecting or negotiating
  2. Your top sales reps, who must be doing something right, so they should have some best practices to pass along
  3. Your sales managers, who should know how to best sell, but are also (hopefully) coaching sales reps on similar topics
  4. Product managers for the product-specific topics
  5. A Learning & Development team who are essentially professional adult educators
  6. Your sales enablement team, who are probably working out what the sales team needs to learn and are probably the ones reading this blog wondering who else they can get to help them run the training

The best answer might be “all of the above”, but usually budget and time to manage all of it will be the biggest constraints. So, if you’re resource-constrained, I suggest:

  1. Have product managers train your sales reps on the value proposition, messaging, and buyer personas
  2. Have top sales reps and sales managers (whoever is available and good at training) train the sales skills
  3. If you have some budget, pick a 3rd party to train on a specific skill you know the entire sales organization will benefit from, such as prospecting, social selling, and so on
  4. Have sales enablement and sales operations train in the process and tools that sales reps need to manage and close deals

About Brian Groth

Brian Groth is Sales Enablement Manager at Xactly Corp, helping improve our sales skills and activities from leads to close. Reach him on LinkedIn.

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