CommercialTribe: Transforming The Sales Tech Landscape

CB Insights Market Map | CommercialTribe: Transforming The Sales Tech Landscape | CommercialTribe

Not too long ago, I posted a blog about how rewarding it was to receive recognition in the market. Well, it happened again! Last week CommercialTribe was recognized in a market report released by CB Insights on the 65 Companies Transforming the Sales Tech Landscape.

Investors have poured over $6B into startups offering sales tech solutions. And, with deal counts and dollar amounts reaching all-time highs in 2016, CB Insights created a market map of primarily VC-backed sales tech companies that are changing the landscape of sales and sales enablement.

CommercialTribe was recognized for our sales training and enablement solution in the People Development & Coaching category – companies offering products aimed at the direct improvement, education, or incentivizing of salespeople.

You can see the entire list in CB Insights Blog, and also check out our previous listing in CB Insights’ Periodic Table of HR Tech.

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