CommercialTribe September 2014 Product Updates


CommercialTribe is constantly updating and building upon our social sales learning platform.

In September [2014], we worked toward one major goal: make CommercialTribe better, faster, and stronger! As part of the upgrade, we’re proud to announce CommercialTribe 2.0!

The backend of the system is now powered by a more robust stack that can handle many users, roles, and operations. We’ve achieved a 99.2% overall uptime by continually optimizing and adapting our stack. On our servers, rather than focusing on a single-source approach, CommercialTribe spread its video and recording servers across the globe, offering strong capabilities worldwide. No matter where your team trains, CommercialTribe can reliably process and deliver your content, 24/7.

commercialtribe global coverage sept 2014Global Video and Recording Coverage, September 2014

CommercialTribe now has a more clean and functional UI, focused around helping reps and managers better create and share. The 2.0 version increases the functionality of scenario and practice features, with a better layout and a new CMS toolset that more naturally and easily pairs slideshow content with recording. Reps practice in a space that feels like a live pitch, increasing retention and focus.

commercialtribe 2.0 2014CommercialTribe 2.0!

Organization is not overlooked in 2.0. In fact, CommercialTribe’s new platform introduces total control of your integration, through the Admin role. Admins can set up scenarios, manage users, work with content and all videos, and serve as the overall manager for your CommercialTribe solution. Most importantly, Admins can create and edit Activities, offering an easy way to control the details of your play.

Coming soon in CommercialTribe are tools to help increase interactivity and rep time in training. Currently, 2.0 includes the beginning elements of our achievement and gamification platform. Reps completing certifications and scenarios have the chance to earn badges or other rewards, encouraging more practice and time spent learning. All roles will soon see the relaunched notification system, adding helpful updates and alerts on content and users. Matching the added Admin roles will be a robust and adaptive reporting system, giving you access to user metrics and content statistics.

CommercialTribe is constantly improving. Schedule a demo to see what’s new!

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