CommercialTribe October 2014 Product Updates

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With the move to October comes a series of updates to the CommercialTribe platform and the launch of version 2.4!

Our biggest focus in October is on scalability, the ability to handle many thousands of users at once. Alongside these sizing updates, we took a directed look at performance, hoping to increase the speed and strength of the platform. As a result, we’ve optimized the codebase to deliver a consistently smooth, reliable experience. This matches our continued 99.2% overall uptime. We continued to improve global server capability, as we bring on more users from around the world.

All of these updates push us closer to our 2014 goal: fast, modern standards that allow us to pair with the best technologies and partners! Our video update, shifting away from the dated and broken Flash, will now allow us to power our content through HTML 5 and MP4 web-friendly standards. Likewise, updating our performance and API allows us the opportunity to soon connect to apps like Salesforce, bringing dynamic, timely teaching and learning directly into the CRM that you use every day! More updates on Salesforce integration are coming soon…

commercialtribe 2014 global coverage

Global Video and Recording Coverage, October 2014

CommercialTribe 2.4 also features a robust overhaul of our in-app notification system. Many different interactions now trigger targeted notifications to the right people, keeping your entire team up to date on their training and growth. When a user submits a video, is added to a group, or receives an announcement, for example, they will now see a custom notification both in the app and in their inbox!

commercialtribe 2014 sample notification

A sample notification

The learning process itself was also updated in CommercialTribe 2.4. With Activity Prerequisites, managers can set activities in order, requiring the completion of one or more scenarios or entire activities before a rep can move on. This encourages continual, chronological learning that introduces reps to concepts in the order that you prefer.

Reporting has also entered CommercialTribe 2.4, with managers able to see detailed utilization data for their reps. With this new data, managers get a true sense of how well their team is performing, which lessons are best activating reps, and how certification is proceeding.

For more information on how these updates help your distribution, or to find our more, please contact your Customer Success Manager.