Ascent Update for CommercialTribe rep2rep for Salesforce

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Following the launch of CommercialTribe Ascent, a completely rebuilt CommercialTribe designed for ease of use and mobile practice, we are now excited to share the a full update of our app, rep2rep! Here are the big changes made to the approach, and how they help your sales reps learn and apply more of your messages and skills.

rep2rep was designed to bring rep practice into the environment where they most often spend their time: Because reps are constantly in the platform, it was imperative to us to ensure that reps had chances to review content inside of the Salesforce ecosystem. The result is a one-stop place for reps to tie where they are in deal stages with the right content and skills needed to close the deal.

The 3.0 version is designed to exactly share design and functionality with CommercialTribe Ascent, our core platform. This required leveraging new Salesforce technologies, while also ensuring the same security, ease of use, and speed the core platform brings. rep2rep 3.0 is built entirely with the learner in mind.

Main updates include:

  • Robust Single Sign-On, with the option to easily link your CommercialTribe account with the Salesforce app. This brings an added layer of security and allows reps to seamlessly transition into CommercialTribe Ascent to practice.
  • A complete design refresh, focused on ease of use, quick navigation, and easy practice and certification.
  • New dashboards, complete with a rep’s up-to-date practice information, their progress, and all available activities.
  • Content linking that pairs CommercialTribe scenarios with Leads, Accounts, and Opportunities, directly within individual records.
  • A recommendation engine that determines what content you link to a record and suggests related scenarios to share and use to advance learning.

The use cases for reps stretch across their selling habits. A rep can see the right content and message before getting onto a call to close a deal, while their peers can review scenarios as they work through their pipeline. Even top performers need opportunities to refresh and reengage with best practices. Administrators and managers can still instantly see progress and analytics through CommercialTribe Ascent, which instantly syncs data with rep2rep.

The goal of CommercialTribe rep2rep remains the same: tie sales practice to sales performance, and show dynamically the impact of practice on how reps convert, sell, and win deals. Enablement and sales teams must be able to directly trace their investments in practice and tools to closed business. Rep2rep helps teams get at this goal by bringing practice into the Salesforce performance tracking space.

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