Are You Organizing Your Sales Training Content?

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Part 2 of our series with Xactly Sales Enablement Manager Brian Groth explores how to best organize the content involved in a sales training effort. Part 1 covers planning training, including steps on framing needs and strategies.

When training your sales reps, you probably have the following pieces of content:

  1. A presentation used during the training.
  2. Some hand-outs used for hands-on portions of the training.
  3. A guide to taking back to their desk or refer to from their mobile when needed.
  4. A recording of the training for others to watch later.
  5. When appropriate, a way for the sales rep to practice (record & watch) what they just learned.

How do you organize all of this so it makes sense for the sales rep later, or for the sales manager to help when coaching? If you’ve got the budget, then a Learning Management System (LMS) can host it and expose it to your sales reps and managers. Sometimes this might be aligned with each sales opportunity, such as exposing the negotiation training when an opportunity is in the negotiation stage.

However, if you don’t have an LMS option, then I suggest simply saving these items in shared folders (Box, Google Drive, Sharepoint, Dropbox, etc.) that are logically organized by topic. As the sales enablement manager, you can then share this packet of information with new sales reps, ones that missed the original training, and the sales managers to use during coaching sessions.

About Brian Groth

Brian Groth is Sales Enablement Manager at Xactly Corp, helping improve our sales skills and activities from leads to close. Reach him on LinkedIn.

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