Announcing the Release of CommercialTribe Ascent


We’re excited to announce the release of CommercialTribe’s newest platform, Ascent!

Ascent is a complete redesign of CommercialTribe, created through real customer feedback, lessons from over 85,000 practice sessions, and indications from the market. Providing a tool most able to boost the efficacy of reps required new investments in ease of use, design, stability, and scalability.

What’s changed?

After an exhaustive product redesign, with the support of the team across Denver and Boulder, Ascent went live this week with hundreds of updates. Here are some of the key changes you will find in Ascent:

  1. An all new interface, with comprehensive user experience and design updates reducing the clicks needed to navigate the system by 33%
  2. The ability to record offline, with truly scalable video that supports teams across the globe
  3. A native iPad and iPhone mobile app, with a full integration
  4. Major changes to reporting, with detailed analytics and team performance tracking tools that connect rep practice to efficacy
  5. New administration features, notifications, and curriculum-building toolsets designed to make it easier to create and deploy curriculums

In a word, Ascent is progress. Teams will find it easier to create new opportunities for learning, while reps can benefit from practice anywhere, whether online or not.

Why Ascent?

CommercialTribe was born and raised in Denver, and few things are more important to the area than the mountains. Much of our team is made up of avid hikers, skiers and snowboarders, and outdoors lovers, so the connection to Colorado’s many peaks is clear. Yet, the name goes deeper: the struggle reps face as they progress through classic training is exactly like mountain climbing, with the same stress and challenge.

We want to give reps a clear path to the “summit,” the place where training and learning is progressive, where reps proactively learn, share with their team, and develop the skills necessary to take on any sales challenge. The result is a team that becomes more interconnected and more consistent in approach, and as a result, more effective in every customer conversation. Ascent is solving the hardest problem in sales today.

The result is video-based sales practice as a cornerstone to training initiatives, solidifying the lessons before and after learning events and offering comprehensive, seamless opportunities to approach learning.

CommercialTribe is constantly updating and improving our platform. To learn more about CommercialTribe and to tour our platform, please schedule a demo!

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