59% of Companies Never Ask Their Reps to Practice


If you ask sales leaders what the single most critical factor to closing deals is, what do you think they would say?

According to recent survey data by Corporate Visions, 85% of companies agree that their sales team’s ability to articulate value messages rises to the top. But that’s not all…

In the survey, conducted with 500 B2B Sales and Marketing leaders, Corporate Visions revealed that 34% of companies have no team member responsible for coaching and certifying to ensure proficiency. More still, only 41% ask their reps to practice the messaging at all before taking it to the market.

As Corporate Visions CSO/CMO Tim Riesterer put it, reps are “speechless” when it comes to applying messaging that they were supposed to have learned. The gap often exists because reps have few opportunities to practice, beyond periodic events, role-play, or self-guided learning.

The impact of practice is not new for sales – even with a well-developed message and skillset, if a learner does not consistently engage with the content they need to master, they simply remember less. With any messaging, whether internal or from a third party, getting reps into the content is as important as the content itself. It’s far too easy for reps to revert back to what they’re comfortable with.

Practice can make the difference in seeing performance increases across the sales team. Even progressive organizations with well-defined training often need more easy and scalable ways to allow their team to engage with content. One of the more engaging tools – video – is already growing in use: over 9% of companies surveyed have embraced video to train.

Corporate Visions is one of these progressive companies, gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace, using CommercialTribe within their organization to power reinforcement. After incredible growth and several acquisitions, Corporate Visions needed a way to combine separate sales teams into one unit, able to articulate the right messages and sell a multi-product solution. They turned to CommercialTribe to create a culture of practice within the organization.

Find our how Corporate Visions used video-based practice to reinforce the message and empower their team to break the status quo in our newest case study.

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