The 5 Best Sales Training Articles of 2014

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2014 is officially over, and that means an entirely new set of challenges, ever-higher revenue goals, and a wave of new hires to onboard. We’re here to help.

Our most popular sales training articles of 2014 cover how we can better approach the 2015 sales plan, onboarding, deliberate practice, teaching, and the greater structure behind learning this year. Start off on the right foot with resources that drive new learning and more sales in 2015.

1. The Last Mile

best sales training articles last mileCenturies of sales training and billions of dollars of research have failed to answer one crucial question in sales: why do our attempts at getting our team to consistently engage prospects and customers with a great message ultimately fail? Marketing creates a great message and shares it with sales, yet, in the field, change is hard to come by. In reality, there is a fundamental missing link: the last mile – sales training.



2. Smarter Sales Training and Onboarding Using the -30, 0, 30 Process

smarter sales trainingSales Kickoff is not the only thing consuming your time in Q1: the expansion of budgets and new goals often means large-scale sales training, onboarding, and expansion, the growth of reps, managers, and even new executive leadership. Instead of sticking to the old model, the -30, 0, 30 day model can dramatically decrease your ramp times and churn, building productivity faster.




3. Flip Sales Training and Convert 13% More Leads

best sales training articles flip sales trainingBringing the “flipped classroom” into your sales organization can deliver real results. The concept stresses that teachers do what they do best in their time with students: teach. Students take the “lesson” home with them, reviewing video and textcasually in a comfortable environment, and come to class towork through problems and scenarios with live teacher feedback. Reps gain valuable exposure to messaging and practice on their own time, and managers deliver concise, helpful feedback and additional opportunities to learn.



4. Is Your Team Practicing 6.5 Times?

best sales training articles practiceMalcolm Gladwell famously wrote about “The 10,000 Rule,” which states that it takes 10,000 hoursof practice at anything to achieve mastery in sports, business, or anything requiring skill-building (expertly debated by S. Anthony Iannarino here). We’ve all heard of Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods’ relentless practice routines, and the reason that they practice is that it absolutely makes you better.

Does deliberate practice hold true in the world of sales? Absolutely.



5. Why You Shouldn’t Fear the 2015 Sales Plan

best sales training articles sales planIt’s a new year, which after a holiday season of family, food, football, and winter weather means the inevitable look forward to 2015. If you’re like most senior sales leaders, here’s the tension you may be feeling: According to CSO Insights, companies are arriving at an average 16%+ year-over-year revenue target increase, yet the percentage of CSOs with some or clear concerns on meeting those targets is greater than 60%.

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