4 Sessions to Watch at the 2016 ATD Conference

2016 ATD Conference Denver

ATD’s 2016 Conference is taking place at home in Denver on May 22nd-25th. The Association for Talent Development’s annual conference covers all aspects of the learning and training space, with a particular focus on the strategies and technologies that enable sales. As usual, the event is packed with sessions to move enablement forward.

As the learning market changes and as enablement continues to grow in impact and responsibility, the need to combine best practices is only increasing. ATD meets the need of an evolving space by combining practitioners and innovative thinking.

With the conference just days away, the agenda is now live and sessions are filling up fast. To help you pick the most impactful use of time across the days, we’ve profiled four sessions from the Enablement space that any sales development practitioner cannot miss.

A Credible Way to Measure the ROI of Sales Training

Jason Jordan, Vantage Point Performance
Sun, May 22 | 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM | Session Information >

The author of Cracking the Sales Management Code, Jason Jordan, shares his strategy for tracking ROI across training and development. During the session, Jason will highlight more on building a measureable sales metric framework – made up of Business Results, Sales Objectives, and Sales Activities – that can be implemented in any organization. We’ve highlighted the benefit of Jason’s framework when building your yearly plan, and the impact of a measureable sales organization continues to resonate.

Is an ROI of 907 Percent Really Possible in Sales Learning?

Conrad Smith, Corporate Visions
Dave Jenkins, IBM
Melody Astley, FinListics Solutions
Tue, May 24 | 10:00 AM – 11:15 AM | Session Information >


Through a program of adaptive sales learning that takes into account the need to create stronger, more capable sellers, training can deliver an impact nearly 1000 times greater than the investment. Getting there requires laying the groundwork for change, a process that, while not easy, sets up a multiyear program of development and scalable learning. Pair the program with metrics that show lagging and leading indicators of success and you can build a sustainable feedback loop for tenure-long sales training that exceeds the number. Corporate Visions’ experience in enabling organizations to defeat the status quo will help create an attainable training program.

ATD Forum 4 – Innovative Practices from Practitioners in the Field

Kuntal McElroy, Ericsson
Darryl Cross, LexisNexis
Laura Rodriguez-Costacamps, MediaMath
Rachel Hutchinson, Hilti
Tue, May 24 | 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM | Session Information >

A panel session across a sample of the most progressive sales organizations promises the opportunity to see how leading companies advance the enablement function. Across industries, buying centers, and even sales models, there is still a clear need to invest in learning and development that creates more impactful reps and a better enrichment experience for all. Not only do reps gain more ability, but managers and leaders who invest in enablement find a team that can deliver more predictably and reliably toward ever-growing goals.

Competency-Based Sales Enablement

Robby Halford, Appirio
Tue, May 24 | 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM | Session Information >

Appirio’s Robby Halford takes on a story all too familiar across enablement teams: “random acts of enablement.” With enablement continuing to rise in impact and prominence across organizations, the time is right to give up on sporadic training and invest in a plan. Enablement based around cadence, with continual touchpoints made up of both light and heavy activities, creates reps that can articulate value and advance their abilities throughout their tenure.

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