2 Big Ways to Put Sales Training Content in a Rep’s Hands

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The final part of our series by Xactly’s Brian Groth on planning sales training reviews making content available to your reps when they need it most. Part 1 covers planning training, including steps on framing needs and strategies. Part 2 reviews organizing new sales learning content and resources. Part 3 of our series explores how to find the right people to lead a new sales training effort.

Not all of your reps will be able to attend all of the sales training, and the best way for them to catch up is to review the materials and video of the training. This is easiest for the short single-topic courses. I find it useful to use two methods:

  1. Recorded Webinars: Most online meeting solutions allow you to record the meeting, so when you host 30 or 60-minute training sessions, simply record them and host the video for later viewing. I find recording a GoToMeeting session and then hosting the video file on Google Drive is a pretty easy option.
  2. Encourage Practice: One form of training is to have your sales reps practice something, such as objection handling, asking qualifying questions, cold calling, or giving a presentation. I find using CommercialTribe to record one of our top reps giving a presentation so that other reps can review it and record themselves presenting is a good option.

In addition to helping reps who missed the original training, this also gives all reps the option of reviewing the materials later and gives you something to point reps to in follow-up and reminder e-mails.

Regardless of how or where you make the recorded trainings and practice available, make sure to integrate it into your onboarding process so new sales reps can get the same training current sales reps have had.

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Brian Groth is Sales Enablement Manager at Xactly Corp, helping improve our sales skills and activities from leads to close. Reach him on LinkedIn.

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