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Sales Assessments That Will Save Your Sales Kickoff

Avoid the post-sales kickoff “thud” with observational sales assessments. Planning sales kickoff and getting all your stakeholders, content, consultants and vendors in line is no small task. Nor is it a small item on the company income statement. You know that your goal is to create lasting impact that will provide a return on investment […]


How to Crush Your Next Process, Message, or Product Launch

All launch initiatives have one key ingredient for success in common—change management. Sales enablement launches new initiatives all the time. From new products to new messaging, mergers and acquisitions to new processes. And let’s not forget the sales kick-off! While you may think that each of these initiatives are unique, the truth is that they […]


5 Steps to an Actionable Sales Manager Coaching Methodology

Our C.O.A.C.H. Sales Manager Coaching Methodology integrates actionable sales coaching into your day. Recent research has proven that the number one skill that separates average managers from highly effective ones is coaching. While the leadership and management world at large has known this for quite some time, sales management specifically has largely been left out […]