Developing Highly Effective Sales Managers

CT Connect guides where managers spend their time, with which sellers, and most importantly how.

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It all comes down to managers

When the only constant is change, managers make or break sales execution.
Seller skill development is an urgent need

  • Sellers must possess a new and growing list of skills to win in today’s complex B2B environment
  • Sellers expect to learn on the job, not in the classroom

Sales managers are the solution

  • Sales managers are positioned to diagnose needs, tailor coaching and make connections 
  • Sales managers have the single greatest impact on seller engagement and productivity

Guide who, where and how to coach

CT Connect helps managers plan and execute coaching to win more deals and get more sellers to plan.

Build a coaching culture

Help managers become better coaches through data, insights and guidance.

Plan and execute simply

Identify the most timely opportunities for coaching on the calendar or in the pipeline each week.

Coach to drive results

Focus attention with new hires and middle performers to gain the greatest lift to sales team productivity.

Hear from our users

See how managers connect with their teams.

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The Making of a Highly Effective Sales Manager

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Impact of Consistent Coaching on Seller Engagement

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Highly Effective Sales Managers Get More Sellers To Goal

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