Onboard, Develop, and Coach Your Sales Professionals

CommercialTribe's video-based practice solution enables sales training to stick - helping sales reps hit the number

Introducing SpotLight

CommercialTribe’s service innovation that provides visibility into how well reps actually articulate value

How it Works

View best practice scenarios and tribal knowledge

Reps Watch What the Best Do

Video-based best practices highlight the right skills, behaviors, and messages reps need to take to market, through progressive, dynamic curriculums.

Practice sales messages, skills, and behaviors

Practice Until They Get it Right

Reps practice the message as many times as it takes to get it right, building mastery, quality, and consistency as they gain confidence.

Submit for feedback and score

Then Submit for Feedback

Managers build a culture of practice by delivering feedback when convenient and leveraging advanced assisted coaching tools

"The #1 reason why reps fail to hit their quota is their inability to articulate value"


Linking Your Team's Practice to Performance


Corporate Visions© research suggests that, while 85% of companies know that a rep's ability to articulate value messages is crucial to closing deals, only 41% of companies ask their reps to practice.

Best-in-class sales teams leverage data, certification, and analytics to increase team quota attainment 12.3% year over year, versus 1% for an average company - Aberdeen Group.

Reps who use CommercialTribe rehearse and practice each learning scenario over 6.5 times on average, improving the right skills, messages, and behaviors to ensure sales success.

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Solutions for Each Role

Sales Leadership

The goal is clear: hit the number. Building a qualified pipeline, coaching, and developing your sales teams are just a handful of key priorities to ensure success.

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Messaging works when reps can effectively articulate it in the market. Marketing needs to iterate on key sales messages based on market feedback – and ensure adoption.

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Sales Enablement

Onboarding and ongoing training are priorities for any sales team - and Sales Enablement has the responsibility to design and develop effective programs.

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Veritas Transforms the Organization with CommercialTribe

When Veritas needed to ramps thousands of sellers into a new message and product suite in record time, they paired with CommercialTribe to drive the initiative in just 2 months.

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Tim Riesterer Corporate Visions CommercialTribe

Tim Riesterer

CSO/CMO, Corporate Visions, Inc.

"CommercialTribe’s video-based practice helps our team and clients develop quality and consistency in their messaging that allows reps to make a difference in the market. Complex skills and messages that previously weren’t being reviewed are now practiced more than 3 times each, until they are mastered. When reps are able to practice and get feedback, they can take the right stories to a prospect and spark an entirely new insight, changing a sales presentation into an engaging answer to 'why change?’"

David Koszka Mixapenl CommercialTribe

David Koszka

Sr. Manager, Sales Enablement, Mixpanel

"At Mixpanel, it is essential our reps are above average in how articulate and prepared they are to show off our product and demonstrate value to your buyers in order to advance the sales cycle. With the ability to record, share, and practice our best product walkthroughs, our reps can now advance more opportunities by mastering demos before talking to buyers."

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